7 Reasons to Mail This Weekend

We’re closing in on 30,000 families in the 7-Day Family Challenge.

Let’s push it over the top this weekend!

I have 7 reasons you should mail this weekend:

  1. Weekends are family time. People are thinking about this and mailing this weekend gets their attention. Plus, they are more likely to involve their family.
  2. People have more time. No doubt about it…the challenge takes some time. Yes, we’ve made them easy to do, but people have more time this weekend.
  3. Click through rates are higher. This ties into reason #2…when people have more time, they tend to not just breeze through their email. That means they click.
  4. There is less competition. Monday – Friday you are competing with 2-5 times as many people for inbox space. On weekends, you stand out more.
  5. Dave Ramsey. My guess is that no matter who your audience is, 99.7% of them have heard of Dave Ramsey. He’s a big name with a great message. Use it!
  6. Zig’s children. Sunday is the last day of the challenge and we have a great finish with the Ziglar kids. Zig’s children really do a great job of tying it all into their dad.
  7. You’ll make more money. Yep, it’s true. All of the above mean you’ll sell more Thrive memberships and make more money. Nothing wrong with that!

I have swipe copy for Dave Ramsey and the Ziglar here.

Get those emails ready and don’t forget to share on social media!

If you need anything, I’ll be in and out this weekend but will get back to you 🙂

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