Brand New Swipe Copy

Earlier today we passed 25,000 families in the 7-Day Family Challenge.

We zoomed past 26,000 and are closing in on 27,000 and beyond now.

This is SO awesome!

And the best part is that it’s truly have a huge impact on families. We’ve received so many comments that’s hard to choose our favorites.

But…we did…and we put them into some BRAND NEW swipe copy for you. Click here to get it and scroll down to “3/30: Testimonials Swipe (EMAIL)”

This is PERFECT if you haven’t mailed yet or want to get a new email out that isn’t speaker-focused.

It’s focused entirely on the awesome testimonials and calls on your audience to join this challenge with more than 25,000 other families.

Let me be clear…it is NOT TOO LATE to mail and share. And tomorrow is a great to do both heading into the weekend.

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