Top 3 GRAND PRIZE Announced

We’ve been talking internally a LOT about this and we really wanted to do something special for our top 3 prize.

Normally you see things like electronics, a mastermind trip, maybe even a car. Those are all great (we’ve done them all personally), but we wanted this to reflect the mission of Ziglar Family.

We wanted it to be all about YOUR family.

That’s why the prize for the top 3 partners is…


OK, this is the part where I get legal and make it clear that we mean your immediate family (sorry to your Nana and crazy Uncle Pete).

Spouse and kids…bring them all.

Two kids? Bring them both.

Five kids? The more the merrier.

You’re the Duggars? Um…

OK, you get the idea.

Go ahead and tell the kids. They’ll get excited and push you to promote more. (See how this works?)

But really, we can’t wait to share in this awesome experience with you!

Here’s what one of these cruises looks like (seriously, share these pictures with your kids).

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