Top 3 GRAND PRIZE Announced

A Cruise for Your ENTIRE Family

We’ve been talking internally a LOT about this and we really wanted to do something special for our top 3 prize.

Normally you see things like electronics, a mastermind trip, maybe even a car. Those are all great (we’ve done them all personally), but we wanted this to reflect the mission of Ziglar Family.

We wanted it to be all about YOUR family.

That’s why the prize for the top 3 partners is…


OK, this is the part where I get legal and make it clear that we mean your immediate family (sorry to your Nana and crazy Uncle Pete).

Spouse and kids…bring them all.

Two kids? Bring them both.

Five kids? The more the merrier.

You’re the Duggars? Um…

OK, you get the idea.

Go ahead and tell the kids. They’ll get excited and push you to promote more. (See how this works?)

But really, we can’t wait to share in this awesome experience with you!

Here’s what one of these cruises looks like (seriously, share these pictures with your kids).

The Wheel of Family Life is LIVE!

The Ziglar Wheel of Family Life is officially LIVE!

If you have not taken it yourself yet, you should.

First, it will help you and your family.

I took it a few days ago and learned a lot about where my family is. Surprising and eye-opening for sure!

Second, you’ll get to see how awesome so you can share it with your tribe.

Here’s what we absolutely KNOW about people who take the checkup:

They will convert into buyers.

So you definitely want to mail about it and share it today.

Get Your Swipe Copy Here

7 Reasons to Mail This Weekend

We’re closing in on 30,000 families in the 7-Day Family Challenge.

Let’s push it over the top this weekend!

I have 7 reasons you should mail this weekend:

  1. Weekends are family time. People are thinking about this and mailing this weekend gets their attention. Plus, they are more likely to involve their family.
  2. People have more time. No doubt about it…the challenge takes some time. Yes, we’ve made them easy to do, but people have more time this weekend.
  3. Click through rates are higher. This ties into reason #2…when people have more time, they tend to not just breeze through their email. That means they click.
  4. There is less competition. Monday – Friday you are competing with 2-5 times as many people for inbox space. On weekends, you stand out more.
  5. Dave Ramsey. My guess is that no matter who your audience is, 99.7% of them have heard of Dave Ramsey. He’s a big name with a great message. Use it!
  6. Zig’s children. Sunday is the last day of the challenge and we have a great finish with the Ziglar kids. Zig’s children really do a great job of tying it all into their dad.
  7. You’ll make more money. Yep, it’s true. All of the above mean you’ll sell more Thrive memberships and make more money. Nothing wrong with that!

I have swipe copy for Dave Ramsey and the Ziglar here.

Get those emails ready and don’t forget to share on social media!

If you need anything, I’ll be in and out this weekend but will get back to you 🙂

Brand New Swipe Copy

Earlier today we passed 25,000 families in the 7-Day Family Challenge.

We zoomed past 26,000 and are closing in on 27,000 and beyond now.

This is SO awesome!

And the best part is that it’s truly have a huge impact on families. We’ve received so many comments that’s hard to choose our favorites.

But…we did…and we put them into some BRAND NEW swipe copy for you. Click here to get it and scroll down to “3/30: Testimonials Swipe (EMAIL)”

This is PERFECT if you haven’t mailed yet or want to get a new email out that isn’t speaker-focused.

It’s focused entirely on the awesome testimonials and calls on your audience to join this challenge with more than 25,000 other families.

Let me be clear…it is NOT TOO LATE to mail and share. And tomorrow is a great to do both heading into the weekend.

10,000…and counting!

So that happened…

I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and already we have more than 10,000 people registered for the 7 Day Family Challenge!

I love seeing all the tweets, posts, and emails. This is awesome!

Here are some quick fun stats:

  • The conversion rate from click to optin is 62% overall. The top two are at nearly 80%!
  • More than 15% of registrants have already referred at least one other person. And that is just the trackable referral links. CRAZY!
  • We’re currently averaging an optin every 2 seconds. I can’t refresh fast enough.

And this is only the beginning!

Thank you for an awesome first few hours.

Let’s keep it up!


We are LIVE!

We are officially LIVE and WOW…things are crazy.

Beginning RIGHT NOW, we have the opportunity to impact tens of thousands of families.

We have the opportunity to change the course of communities, a nation, and even the world. And if that sounds hyperbolic, it’s not.

This stuff matters and tomorrow we get the chance to start something AMAZING!

If you’re with me, get ready for a wild ride…

Get those emails, tweets, and posts queued up.

Get swipe copy here.

Get graphics here.

How to Use Swipe Copy

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix Them

Since I sent out the swipe copy yesterday, I got a bunch of questions about how to use the swipe copy.

Specifically how to use it in the MOST effective way.

Here’s the answer

Send Me Your Tracking Pixels

If you are doing Facebook Ads for the launch (and you should be), send me your tracking code.

Just sent them to and we’ll get it installed on our pages for you so you can track everything.

Same goes for any other tracking codes you have.