10 Days to Launch!

Quick Message from Ziglar Family CEO Mark Timm

Ziglar Family CEO Mark Timm just finished recording the new sales page video last night and when all was done he had his wife Ann record a quick message for you.

Quick Launch Update

Mark Timm and Matt McWilliams from Starbucks

I had the chance to sit down with Ziglar Family CEO Mark Timm recently (he came to Fort Wayne).

We shot a quick video for you in the Starbucks 🙂

Just a quick overview of the launch…enjoy!

Gary Chapman Video Preview

Here’s a sneak peak at the first day of the 7-Day Family Challenge:

We’ll add the intro and outros soon but you can see how solid the content is.

And THAT is the first video in the 7-Day Family Challenge (our Pre-Launch Content).

That video goes live March 27, so get ready!

Alright, counting down the days…18 days to launch!