PRIVATE: 7-Day Challenge Content

In this 7-Day Challenge, 7 of the most influential voices in 7 key areas of family life share their single best piece of advice for today’s families.  The challenge includes Gary Chapman, Michael Hyatt, Josh Axe, Tony Dungy, Brian Buffini, Dave Ramsey, Tom Ziglar, Cindy Ziglar Oates and Julie Ziglar Norman.

3/27 Day 1: Gary Chapman (Relationships)

[vimeo id=”208034808″]

3/28 Day 2: Michael Hyatt (Communication)

[vimeo id=”208034812″]

3/29 Day 3: Josh Axe (Physical)

[vimeo id=”208034796″]

3/30 Day 4: Tony Dungy (Work/Life Integration)

[vimeo id=”208052877″]

3/31 Day 5: Brian Buffini (Community)

[vimeo id=”208080557″]

4/1 Day 6: Dave Ramsey (Financial)


4/2 Day 7: Tom Ziglar, Cindy Ziglar Oates, Julie Ziglar Norman (Spiritual)


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